Deploy Your Minecraft Server

This page is a guide to how we structure our pricing. It's fairly simple, and it doesn't fluctuate once you've got your server ordered. Of course, in some cases, traditional pricing doesn't apply (heavily supported servers, high RAM servers, networks, etc.), but this is generally how we structure our pricing.



Servers are structured simply. The first gigabyte is free (we don't offer anything at or under 1GB, pricing starts at 2GB), and after that it is $10 per gigabyte. Space is guaranteed, however, due to the smallness of our company, we don't have unlimited space, so keep that in mind.


Basic support is provided simply by purchasing a server. Basic support offers QoL stuff like making sure servers work properly and answering basic questions about setting up servers. Additional support is $5 a month for basic (Discord only), $10 for pro (plugin configuration help), and $15 for ultimate (fully managed server, near 24/7 monitoring of server performance, and automatic optimization). If you'd like a custom support package, let us know and we'll figure out the pricing!


Networks are a different story entirely, and require more dedicated hardware and configuration. Those looking for network configurations must contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

Standardized Features

All of our servers come with a standard feature set. You can find out more about what each server comes with on our features page.

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